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Art drawings with pencil

This page is a collection of all the art drawings with pencil to date.  I have access in one easy place for them. Keep in mind that these are copies of my artwork, taken with my phone camera, and not the original prints. 

So the quality will be different if looking at the actual drawing. This creations showing both the original artwork, and then the final result using colored pencils, and shading.

So I start off with the artwork that inspired me to return to drawing, after taking a break for a very long time. I was thinking about creating a bird since my wife loves them, She thought that would be cool to see these art drawings with pencil. So I got to work that evening.

At that time, I was limited on using  some Walmart paper I picked up as seen here. This is from Bienfang paper, includes 100 sheets, and is just a typical sketch paper, however it is not a bad selection for beginners. 

My art drawings in pencil list

So here is that bird I was talking about. The bird design I found online and began to reproduce it into my own style of bird. The original had many more colors on its’ back. 

The tree was my own addition,  as well as the background. Keep in mind this was only the start of my art drawings in pencil and my test of skill to get back into the game. I present a side by side drawing showing one with no color, and then the color added.

Girafee in the wild

Since my first art design was focused on an animal, I began to think about the next art drawings with pencil. My wife loves giraffes too. 

So I found a royalty free image online, and began to reproduce it. Here you see the original art drawing with no color, and the one beside it in color as a comparison.

Three Perspectives of Art

More recently I returned to this same drawing and added solvent and worked out new coloring with my new Prisma water colored pencils in hopes of adding more illusion to the environment.

You can blend colors better with a solvent solution. I currently applied Sansodor to the final art submission.

Drawing a castle scene

This next picture is what I refer to as a “castle picture” for my art drawings with pencil collection. If you look closely on top of the mountain, you will see a castle sitting up there. 

Many of you may not realize it, but this was taken from an actual game (which I won’t name here). It was a game back in the early 90s that I found while surfing America Online one night. 

I have always loved that scene since it was a nice view and the real start of this adventure. I didn’t capture a before picture for this one, so I only have the final result to show you.

Lighthouse drawing

This next picture is of a “lighthouse overlooking a vast ocean”. I found this free image online, and was inspired to reproduce this picture from France. I have always been found of lighthouses ever since I watched the Disney movie “Pete’s Dragon”. 

So I set out in an attempt to create the realistic drawing, and this was the result after many hours of work. I have included a before picture here of my art drawings in pencil, but it has a little color on it.

Noah's Ark and the animals

This next scene is depicting a scene from Noah’s art, which represents the first worldwide flood in the bible. Since I was posting these online through my personal Facebook page, a friend encouraged me to draw a spiritual image.  

So this was the result. In my before and after example here of my art drawings in pencil, you can clearly see the very beginning stages of the art outline, and the completed result

The First Thanksgiving

This next picture of my art drawings in pencil is a painting showing an image of what the “first Thanksgiving” may have looked like. The piligrims were befriended by an Indian named Squanto. 

He that taught them how to hunt, fish, and survive on their own. It was also during Thanksgiving so I figured it was right on key to creating this.

Wood cabin in the artic

For my next example of art drawings with pencil, I wanted to design a nice house that I would enjoy living in. To add to the fun since this is art, I decided to relocate the image elsewhere.  With an image found in a forest to somewhere out in the Artic, I asked people on Facebook “Would you live here?” to get a reaction. Here is the before and after scenes of my work.

Home for the holidays

This example is my work called “Home for the holidays”. It represents a nice Christmas tree near a fireplace with a kitten near the tree. I modeled our cat (“Kitkat”) after this scene. Once again, I show you the before and after results.

Hope you enjoyed my artwork. It’s not top quality, but shows what I enjoy doing. 

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