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Comic books 1970s

When I was in fourth grade I was already into the comic books 1970s. This type of artwork more likely persuaded me to draw what I called “super heros” at that time. 

My obsession was mostly drawing the Incredible Hulk. Since my imagination was on full tilt then, I often imaged myself as strong as the Hulk and having the ability to knock down the school walls if I wanted to.

Comic Books 1970s

One could only wish that a thought of saving those many drawings. Unfortunately I have nothing I can share with you other than the comic book covers themselves. 

The dawn of comic books 1970s pretty much lined the shelves. I can still recall getting a stack of them for about 99 cents.

After my sister fully persuaded my father, we would end up with about 2 stacks each. A total of around 4 comic books myself, and 4 for my sister. 

Pictured here is one of the earliest memories I have of first trying to draw the incredible Hulk on paper as found in issue 122. Yet the art is lost, but the memory remains.

This was also my first discovery of learning about the “Fantastic Four’. I was especially intrigued by The Thing and soon became my attempt at drawing him on paper, which again I really wish I had my proof, but many things were lost as I evolved into an adult, however the passion remains.

Tracing drawings

Several years later, when I walked downstairs from our 5 bedroom house and entered the dining room, I noticed that my brother was sitting at the table and focused on something. 

As I got closer, I saw that he was tracing something onto a special type of paper which he referred to as “tracing paper”.  I also observed that he had a comic book 1970s underneath. 

Soon after I retrieved a comic book from my room, returned downstairs, and became my own attempt at tracing a comic book. 

I was still heavily into the incredible Hulk, and began my new journey. I still remember my brother taunting me saying, “Your Hulk muscles look like combs”. 

I didn’t even come close to grasping the ability to create the muscles properly, but I kept at my art, trying to improve the “combs” over time.

My Comic book characters

By the time I was 14, I was already completely focused on designing super hero characters and cartoon stories about them. Listed here are several of the many characters I came up with. Sad to say that most of the other art has been lost through time.

High school drawings

In high school I was drawing constantly, especially in study hall. Since I was more introverted then also, I would spare some time during lunch to draw even more. Eventually I found a passion writing long stories, and often added art to them. Here a few art designs I created for index papers. 

Some of the catagories I created are essays, school life, growing up, sad/brokenhearted, diary, memory writings, investigation, mysteries, and typewritten sequences.

High school drawings

The moral of the story here is to keep a passion even as you become an adult. You never quite know what it could become. 

Art became abandoned when I got to college thinking it was pointless then. Now all these years later, I have been inspired again. This website is the result.

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