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H & B Sketching Pencils Set

H & B Sketching Pencils Set

This kit known as the H & B Sketching Pencils set contains a complete set of utilities for professional or amateur artists. Packed within this nylon bag are a set of sketching pencils, durable pencils leads, pencil sharpeners, charcoal pencils, erasers, lengtheners for pencils, and other things.

Even if you decide not to purchase the set, be sure to check for individual items below as they are reviewed from my own personal experience!

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Sketching Pencils Set

Exploring the H & B sketching pencils set, notice that the kit contains various strengths of lead from B up to 8B and HB to 5H. They provide a very light lead all the way up to a stronger tone, which is idea for shading in sketch designs.

Take your shading skills to the next level and checks out other similar sketching pencils.

Pencil Sharpeners

The H & B Sketching Pencils set also includes a handy set of pencil sharpeners that stand up under extended use of lead over time and work better to preserve the life of your pencil set for a longer period.

There are a variety of pencil sharpeners that can be found to fit nearly any artist need.

The Staedtler pencil sharper is great when you don’t want to have to empty the contents after completing a pencil sharpening. Choose from a variety of colors (red, green, or blue).

Charcoal Pencils

The advantage of using charcoal pencils with the H & B Sketching Pencils set is that you can create darker colors than just the regular sketching pencils and they can enhance shading since they can be smeared across paper to produce a blending effect. Those are perfect when going for that realistic art!

The Staedtler pencil sharper is great when you don’t want to have to empty the contents after completing a pencil sharpening. They come in strengths of (soft, medium, and hard).

Eraser Set

This set also include a nice diverse set of erasers. When you need to remove larger amount of section, the white one is preferred. The second one (square shaped) is used to erase corner sections and smaller areas in your artwork. 

You can also get multiple erasers needed for more heavy art.

My apologizes for the used eraser, but I love it so much and wanted to show it here real time!

Pencil Lengtheners

Simply stated, a ‘pencil lengthener’ allows prolonged use of pencils that has been forced down in order to give more longevity for the pencil’s life. After extended usage and sharpening of a pencil, it will begin to wear down and this tool will allow you to still hold it like it were new and get the most out of it.

Metal Art Knife

With this tool (also known as a ‘crafting knife’), you can enhance your drawings and art by going over previous lead and sketch out design imprints you need. A good example could be more texture in a landscape, depth on a face, etc. 

I’ve used them myself, to add lighter touch up work where darker colors exist. It’s similar to an eraser, except you scratch it into the area where there is to much lead to produce a lighter tone.

Graphite Sticks

These are idea to have when you want to have more control than a charcoal pencil and can be used for effective shading techniques. They can be held horizontally and brushed across the paper to blend in both darker and lighter contrasts.

Willow Branches

One of the advantages to getting skilled with a ‘willow branch’ is to create a range of tones and various shades of grey and lighter hues when utilized effectively as an artist.

Paper Stump

A ‘paper stump‘ allows you to blend lead into other areas creating a smoother look and alignment of color values. This is create when drawing faces and objects (circles, squares, triangles, and so on).

I have used this exact paper stumps to create water illusions, and smooth-looking clouds just by rubbing them across the paper.

Pastel Pencils

If you want to become an even more serious artist, then an upgrade to using pastel pencils will take you the distance. These can be used for creating deeper constants on darker paper or blended into other colors.

I highly recommend Pastel Pencils as they can give you a better blending potential of colors submerged together.

Sandpaper Block

Whenever you need to clean off excess lead from a tool, such as a paper stump or sections on your paper the sandpaper block is a great tool to remove any excess remaining lead. Plus it can also be used to fine tune pencil lead that has worn down.

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