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waterfall landscape drawing

Waterfall Landscape Drawing

I challenged myself recently an attempt to draw a waterfall between two cliffs. I found a simple picture online and got to work. the goal was to create another mountain as a lookout point to see the waterfall view, which I hope to have accomplished in this simple drawing.

This drawing was produced on the paper series Royal Langnickle. The length measurements are 8.5 x 11. It is called a Spiral Bound Sketchbook. However, I don’t recommend this a paper if you want to draw real professional looking (realistic) images. When I did my waterfall landscape drawing, I struggled with it since the tooth of the paper got worn out pretty quickly. It also doesn’t have a clean look with smoothing out the shading. It’s great for beginner’s though.

At the beginning of the picture, I decided to start drawing the rocks from the lookout point. I found a simple video online and followed along, making sure to follow a similar pattern. 

The stone colors

After I completed the outline of the rocks, I used colored pencil to enhance my waterfall landscape drawing and mixed both a light peach and orange together, mingle with brown to create a particular lighter orange for the base. On the side I mixed the light peach and brown to create a lighter brown.

After the rocks were complete, I began to design both of the cliff sides surrounding the waterfall. I’ll admit that need more much work, but for now I mixed the light peach, orange, shades of brown, and even black to create a nice look for the wall sides. I used a Kleenex to smooth out the colors on both ends. I also apply tints of green on the surface and drew out simple trees repeatedly at the top.

Designing the waterfall

The waterfall creation was actually a little more complicated since I had to complete everything else before I could get a better look to the water. Mostly by darkening the areas around on the waterfall landscape drawing, I was able to add more illusion of water falling from a great height. I also used a lighter blue colored pencil to surround the rock in the center to create a wave effect.

The waterfall is complete

After completing more shading around the water, adding the river on the top right of the cliff, filling in the sky, and shading it with a solvent on a paintbrush, the work was complete (at least for now).

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